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American International Tax Advisers is Asia’s best U.S tax firm. We are focused on assisting expats with U.S tax planning, consulting and return preparation. We service both individuals and businesses. With offices in Bangkok Thailand, Hong Kong, Phnom Penh Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Indonesia, Sao Paulo Brazil, Sydney Australia, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates and Middle East, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., we help our clients navigate even the most complex situations. Our team of experienced professionals can help you or your business reach full compliance with the IRS as well as provide high level planning and compliance services.

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We are a dedicated team which strives to provide success to our clients in regards to all their accountancy needs
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Thomas M. Carden

International Tax Director

Thomas is a director at American International Tax Advisers. He is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. He has over 25 years of Tax and Financial Industry experience. He started in 1995 in his fathers CPA firm and progressed to being the international expatriate tax specialists for a surviving remnant of Arthur Anderson. He has a Bachelors in Global Business Management from the University of Phoenix and a Juris Science Masters in International Tax and Financial Service Law, from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Main Office Phone (Bangkok): (66) 09-4681-9734 Email: [email protected]
American International Tax Advisers aitaxadvisers thai visa advice expats sudaduang puengrung 1
Sudaduang Puengrung (Noi)

Client Manager

Sudaduang has over 35 years of US international tax practice experiences. She has extensive knowledge of US taxation and its applicaton to US expats and people who want to conduct business with and in the US. She started tax preparation business since 1987 with J.P. Rooney & Associates. American International Tax Advisers is very welcome that Sudaduang joined us since February 2022 as a client manager. Her knowledge and expertise in financial and tax consultant will not only benefit for US citizens and green card holders, but also foreigners who want to invest in the US. She is a highly experienced and valued member of our team. She now is responsible for clients in Bangkok, the UAE and Malaysia.

Main Office Phone (Bangkok):
(66) 081-890-6097

[email protected]
American International Tax Advisers aitaxadvisers thai visa advice expats sudaduang puengrung
Dr. Horatius Jackie Williams

East Asia Director and Legal Consultant

Dr. Horatius began his career as a business consultant and engineer. As a young professional he worked for the African Development Bank before obtaining his Master’s degree in Business Administration and his Law degrees. He is an expert in International Taxation, Financial Services and International Investment Law. The work of Dr. Horatius heavily involves international taxation and business consultation. He has also work on projects involving trust management, cross border transactions, business negotiations, business mergers and acquisitions, developing and managing educational programs for universities, developing new internet business platforms for international professionals to be visible and to provide their services to client across the world.

Chris McLaughlin

Global Client Manager

Chris studied at Liberty University. Prior to coming on as a Global Client Manager in 2019, Chris worked in law enforcement and security, and has previous experiences in sales and client management. He now manages new client accounts across Asia and coordinates with our partners around the world.

Raquel Dela Cruz Williams

Client and Tax Manager for the Philippines Office

Raquel previously worked as an Internal Auditor Supervisor with the Subic International Hotel Corp. in the Philippines. After holding that position for years, she travelled to the United States in 2015 to advance her career. In the same year she started a position as an office manager with Cavalla Group, Minnesota. Raquel holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, with concentration in accounting and financial management from Cavalla International University and a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Thomas Del Rosario College, Philippines. She is a graduate of the H&R Block Tax Program, USA and immediately started working in the area of international taxation. She is responsible for the day to day operation of the Philippines office, clients’ accounts and tax issues.

American International Tax Advisers aitaxadvisers thai visa advice expats ting 1
Onanong Kantarakornnatee (Ting)

Tax Manager

Ting holds Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting degree from Assumption University. She previously worked for accounting office for several years and has joined American International Tax Advisers since 2019. She has extensive knowledge in the field of US international taxation. She specializes in US tax law and complex international tax matters. She ensures that each US tax return assigned to her and her subordinates meet
a high standard.

American International Tax Advisers aitaxadvisers thai visa advice expats ham 1

US Tax Adviser

Ham holds a Master degree in marketing management from Middlesex University London. He has practiced in US expatriate taxation for over 3 years. He specializes in both US federal and state tax. He assists our clients to maximize their benefit and solving client’s issues. He also has extensive knowledge about US tax laws and regulations. He is currently studying to become an IRS Enrolled agent.

American International Tax Advisers aitaxadvisers thai visa advice expats jang 1

US Tax Adviser

Jang holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management at Eastern Asia University. When she studied her bachelor degree, she was an exchange student to study negotiation for business at Providence University in Taiwan. After she graduated from the Eastern Asia University, she has been working in the field of US taxation with American International Tax Advisers for over 3 years. She specializes in FinCEN and US tax return preparation. She is very keen on US tax return software and applications. She is currently studying to become an IRS Enrolled agent.

American International Tax Advisers aitaxadvisers thai visa advice expat ling 1

US Tax Adviser

Ling holds a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting from Bangkok University. He previously worked as an accountant for several years before starting to work with American International Tax Advisers. He has extensive knowledge about US tax law and accounting standpoint which benefit in doing US tax return. He is also studying to become an IRS Enrolled agent.